Our integrated services in temperature controlled environment includes cool rooms, cold rooms and even deep cold rooms with temperatures ranging from +25 degrees to -30 degrees Celsius. Our owned and leased fleet of reefer vehicles ensure that the integrity of products is maintained along their entire journey.

Our Service Advantages

  • We have proven expertise in solutions and operations. Read our case study here
  • Best-in-class Infra, Technology and Processes
  • Real-time data logging system enables temperature monitoring, both in temperature-controlled warehouses and our fleet of reefer vehicles
  • Multi-chamber facilities
  • GPS enabled Multi temperature vehicles- Chilled, frozen, and ambient movement with real time location updates
  • Absolute compliance on quality & safety. Our well experienced in-house Quality & Process Excellence teams manage operational excellence.
  • Being a part of Sical Logistics gives us the ability to invest and scale-up within reasonable time-frames in line with the customer’s plans

Value Added Services

  • Integration with courier services
  • Customer Service on client’s behalf
  • Capabilities for next day delivery of certain very critical life-saving SKUs required in surgeries