The Client

The client is an MNC in the medical devices industry. They manufacture and sell a range of devices across user segments. These devices also range from the most critical and high value to items with very high throughput. Further complexities in handling due to SKUs being very small-sized to very large odd-sizes ones.

The Challenge

Client approached Patchems to consolidate all SKUs (cold and dry requirements) under one roof as well as have all India distribution with temperature maintenance.

Patchems Approach and Implementation

Certifications: Patchems has the ISO: 9001 and ISO: 13485 certifications for medical devices operations.

Infra: Different SKUs require different degrees of minus temperatures. Patchems designed and built multiple cool and cold rooms, including capability to store – 20 to -30 degrees Celsius.

Processes: Processes have been developed considering the different complexities in temperature, size etc. and SKUs are stored and handled accordingly.

Quality & Process Excellence team: An in-house and well-experienced team has been dedicated to ensuring that compliance, integrity and process adherence is complete at all times.

Integration with transportation:

Patchems has taken the responsibility of all kinds of deliveries- ambient as well as temperature controlled.

  • Effective tie-ups with transport and courier services
  • Tracking and monitoring upto last mile
  • Use of reefer vehicles with rigorous quality and monitoring process to ensure maintenance of integrity till last mile.
  • Capabilities for next day delivery of certain very critical life-saving SKUs required in surgeries
  • Savings in transportation costs by optimizing deliveries between FTL, PTL and Express.

Integration with courier: Certain SKUs have to be couriered directly to end-consumers. Patchems partnered with a courier service and took the onus of the entire supply chain.

Value Added Services: Patchems is managing Customer Service Cell for a few SKUs being couriered to end-consumer. The CS has been effectively resolving queries with immediate replacement of product, when required.


  • 100% adherence to the agreed SLs
  • Accuracy in receipts and dispatch
  • Workforce optimized through robust management resulting in savings. Productivity measured at regular intervals.
  • Contribution of Critical products is steadily increasing in overall operations.